Master bed updates

Since posting Grant’s newborn pictures, I’ve received several questions about my bedding. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you know I’ve made a few updates to my master bedroom lately. Eric and I had been sleeping with the same duvet cover that I bought shortly after we were married, more than six years ago. It was still in good shape, overall, but I’d lost the Euro shams in a move, and I’d grown tired of the throw pillows that I’d had for years.

So, when Pottery Barn offered an additional clearance and free shipping on some of their already discounted bedding, I decided to jump on it. I initially thought I would just add new pillows and a coverlet to freshen up and pair with the existing duvet. I put a few options in my cart, and I showed them to Eric. Thinking this Striped Linen Quilt in aqua would be pretty with the golds in my duvet, it was one of my options. But, when Eric saw it, he wanted it in gray.

Striped Linen Quilt and Shams from Pottery Barn

Striped Linen Quilt and Shams from Pottery Barn


At that point, I just decided to start over with our bedding. Sure, I could have made a gray and gold palette work, but I was tired of trying to work with that duvet.

So, I ordered the Striped Linen Quilt in gray, three matching Euro shams, and two more white Euro shams (no longer available).


New shams meant I need a vintage monogram, because I always like a bit of old with my new. My vintage monogram is actually just a character in the Intellecta font family. I spent hours looking through the Intellecta font samples before I found the “EV”, and once I found it, I had it digitized and then embroidered on the euro shams. Intellecta is a free font, and you can download it several places. I prefer this link at Fonts 2 U because you can easily preview the full character set in each sample before downloading it.

And to keep the room from looking to cool or to coastal, I needed a leopard velvet bolster to bring in some warm tones and a little bit of glamour. So, I ordered this stunning one from the Etsy retailer Shop Little Design Co.


New pillows called for new art in the form of the DIY Ashley Woodson Bailey prints I talked about here.

Are you starting to think, “If you give a mouse a cookie,”? Because that is exactly what’s happened. One thing has led to another in this room, and instead of just sprucing up the existing bedding, I’m in full make-over mode. Up next, I’d like to add more art and freshen up the other accessories, and I need to replace the light fixture too.

Overall, I’m going for a neutral look that is that is comfortable and casual, but that is still warm and a bit luxe. I am planning to bring in more golds in the accessories, and I’d also like to add a blush/nude color somewhere. Maybe on a bench at the foot of the bed? Blushes can be tricky…I want a moody, sultry color. And, I think a pale, almost metallic green would be nice too.

And, of course, new paint would make a big difference. Leave me your paint color suggestions in the comments, please. Tell me what brand/color you see in here. I’d love to hear your ideas!


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New Kilim Throw Pillow and a Giveaway

Lovely watercolor available at A Pair of Pears

Lovely watercolor available at A Pair of Pears

I’ve always wanted the things in my home to be beautiful. Even as a little girl, I would study magazines and try to arrange my bedroom like the rooms in the JC Penney catalog. In particular, I remember saving my money, and I was only in elementary school, to purchase one of those round top decorator tables with the particle board tops and screw in legs. Then, I ordered (with mom’s help) a dusty pink tablecloth with a ruffle bottom.

Ever practical, I also believe things should be useful. I’m not a fan of clutter, and I tend to be an over-purger. So, I don’t have a problem getting rid of items that are not useful.

Beautiful, useful things…it is an almost perfect guide to decorating.

Almost, but not quite.

You see, the older I get, and the more I grow my family, the more I want the things that surround us to be beautiful, useful, and also meaningful.

I want to be able to look at the things in our house, big and small, and connect them with a memory or a story. I want my boys to know those stories, and I want the items to be tangible ways for them to cherish our family stories.

For months, I’ve been on the hunt for new throw pillows. I wanted something classic and timeless, but I didn’t want Greek key trimmed pillows (even though I love them). I wanted something casual, but I didn’t want chevron or Ikat or trellis prints either.

I needed something that would work with the colors in my favorite rug, which are a bit unusual and not the trendiest of colors right now. And, I needed a pattern that would complement the rug design but not compete with it.

Turkish Rug | the Maypop


Finally, I stumbled across this lovely pillow cover on the Beautiwool Etsy shop.

Beautiwool Pillow, vintage Turkish Kilim, giveaway | the Maypop

The pattern was casual and unique, and the colors would complement my rug. I loved the kilim design on this pillow. And, I especially loved that it was handmade in Turkey.

You see, my parents were in the Air Force, and we were stationed in Turkey when I was a little girl. The rug in my living room was purchased thirty years ago while we were there, so this Turkish kilim pillow seemed like the perfect nod to the rug and to that era in our life.

Turkish kilim pillow, giveaway | the Maypop


Turkish kilim pillow, giveaway | the Maypop

I look forward to telling our family stories with this pillow. I look forward to pointing out Turkey on a map to my boys and to telling them that mommy lived there when she was their age. I want them to know that their grandparents served our country overseas, and that my mom almost had to do it by herself, leaving her two young children and husband behind until my dad was able to also get orders in the eleventh hour. I want to tell them about the few things I remember – wearing my hair in a scarf like the local women, Turkish tea, cigarette burek, and about the pair of camel saddles that my brother and I sat on in our living room.

The pillow cover arrived quickly, even from Turkey. It was packaged beautifully but simply, tucked in a blue fabric pouch and sealed with a protective hand-painted Nazar boncuk eye bead. (I loved this detail; my mom has several small pieces of jewelry and amulets from Turkey with the protective eye).

The quality is wonderful; the backcloth is heavy, the kilim is in perfect condition, and it has a hidden zipper.

Turkish kilim pillow, giveaway | the Maypop

Here is a wider view of it on my couch. The linen covers are 20×20 and on clearance at Pottery Barn, but the kilim is only a 16×16, so I still need a couple more 18×18 pillows to round things out.

Turkish kilim pillow, giveaway | the Maypop


Below are a few more of my favorites from their shop. They have thousands (not an exaggeration) of beautiful things to choose from. And, Beautiwool was generous enough to send a second lovely pillow cover (16 x 16) for one of you dear readers!


Beautwool Turkish Kilim Pillows, giveaway | the Maypop


Register below to win. Giveaway ends Friday, August 29 at midnight. Good luck!

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