Victoria Goins, Mrs. Maypop

I’m a former sales exec turned stay at home mom turned realtor. I have three little boys, Harrison, Whitt, and Grant. On the surface, I’m a modern mama, but at heart I’m an old soul with a deep sentimental streak and a penchant for the classic.

My hobbies and interests include calligraphy, genealogy, historic homes, and adding to the carnival glass collection I inherited from my Grandmother. I’m the archivist in my family. My relatives look to me for the family history, and they give me the “old stuff” to hang onto, which I happily accept.

I created this blog in the fall of 2013 as a place to curate our life, to record the memories, to collect inspiration, and to encourage myself and others to live a more sentimental life.

It’s a place where memories are made, where family recipes are preserved, and where heirlooms stay fresh and current. A place where traditions are started. A place where everyday moments and special occasions are celebrated equally. And a place where decor is not only beautiful and useful, but it is also meaningful.

What began as a childhood memory of picking maypops with my Grandmother has become my life’s theme: 

Rooted. Blooming.