Meet Grant Reynolds

Oh friends, sweet friends, Baby G3 is finally here. Grant Reynolds arrived at 9:32 pm on Monday, October 13.

First selfie in the hospital

First selfie in the hospital

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, but his impending arrival was occupying my every thought. I’ll be back up and running over here at the Maypop soon, and I have lots in store for you.

But in the meantime, all I can do is hold Grant, and kiss him, and snuggle him, and just breathe him in. Even his poop smells sweet to me (or at least like buttered popcorn, according to my husband). I feel like this newborn stage flies by so quickly, so I am doing my best to soak it all in.

His big brothers are smitten with him too…well, Harrison is…Whitt vacillates between wanting to squeeze him to death (out of love) or poking his eyes out while he points to and names each body part, “ears, mouf, nose, “honk”, eyes”.



More pictures and baby posts coming soon – you can count on that.

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  1. SO happy to have met him! Another beautiful Goins boy! You looked amazing, like soap opera amazing! Looking forward to getting more sweet hugs from baby Grant!


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    Meet Grant Reynolds – the Maypop