Heirlooms – Mom’s China

A few weeks ago, I had some rare time without my little boys. I ran several glorious, kid free errands. Truly, the amount of things I was able to do in just a few hours without kids was amazing.

In addition to running some practical errands, I also popped in a few shops on King Street just for fun. I brought a plate of my mother’s china with me, and I decided to see how I could mix it up. You know my penchant for heirlooms, for keeping them fresh and current in particular, and this is just another post in that series.

I had so much fun pairing mom’s classic Barclay 5103 china – brought back from Japan by her dad – with newer, contemporary dishes. Below are a couple of my favorite looks. I only had my iPhone with me that day, and I’m no photographer, so bear with me on the pictures.

Heirlooms: Mom's China meets Pottery Barn Zebra stripe and dark chargers | the Maypop


Stop one of two was at Pottery Barn. I started with these Black Inlay Chargers. I loved the masculine dark, inky contrast against the white, dainty floral plates. I layered my mom’s china on top of the charger, and I topped that with a Pottery Barn Zebra Plate.

I personally think that animal prints are classic patterns, but there is something about them that also always seems to feel very contemporary at the same time. Don’t you agree?

Heirlooms: Mom's China meets Pottery Barn Zebra stripe and dark chargers | the Maypop

After Pottery Barn, I still had some time before I had to pick up the boys. So, I walked a little farther down the street to C. Wonder.

I’m going to apologize again for the pictures. The store lighting was great, but it created severe shadows and glares. You’ll have to trust me that this combination was even better in person.

Here I mixed my mom’s china with a fabulous chevron-patterned plate in orange and deep pink melon shades.

Heirlooms: Mom's china paired with C Wonder plates | the Maypop

In person, the orange in the plates really brought out the orange details in my mom’s china – in the center of the flowers and around the band.

The plates were on clearance and are no longer available online, but C. Wonder does have several other sale items still in stock that would freshen up a classic table setting like this Navy Ikat Dinnerware or these Zebra Stampede Napkins.

C Wonder Navy Ikat Dinnerware | featured on the MaypopC Wonder Zebra Stampede Napkins | featured on the Maypop

Side note, if I ever have to pick just one store to shop in, it would be C. Wonder. They have a perfect mix of things that feel classic yet fresh. The store is eclectic, yet still well-edited. It’s not so large that I feel overwhelmed or paralyzed by options. I can buy shoes, clothes, and dishes under the same roof. And, they monogram! (See this post for my favorite monogrammed tote bags).

I only wish I’d had more time to shop a few other stores. Anthropologie – I’m coming for you next. I’m dying to see the Old Havana Side Plate and Doma Flatware in person, and I think both would pair well with vintage china.





Tell me, how are you mixing old with new?

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