National Bow Tie Day – My Favorite Bow Ties



Did you know today is National Bow Tie Day?

I love a Beau in a bow tie! Here are a few of my favorite bow tie brands.

Let’s start with a bow tie for the smallest beau. I’m so smitten with the sweet Bow Swaddles from The Beaufort Bonnet Company. In fact, I’ve already bought one to wrap around my newest baby, monogrammed, of course.


And, once they’ve outgrown the sweet bow swaddle, your beaux can wear the Baylor Bow Tie, also from The Beaufort Bonnet Company.


Next up are the rich plaids and paisley prints in the Fall collection from High Cotton Ties, in both Boys’ and Mens’ sizes.

HighCottonBairdSmall HighCottonBoonSmall HighCottonSterlingPaisleySmall HighCottonMcLeanSmall HighCottonHunterGuncheckSmall HighCottonCrawfordSmall

High Cotton has great options for Saturday game days too.

High Cotton Red and Old Blue Tattersall Bow Tie_Small High-Cotton-Purple-and-Gold-Oxford-Bow-Tie-Small High Cotton Red and Black Tattersall Bow Tie_Small High Cotton Orange and Purple Oxford Bow Tie Small High Cotton Orange and Navy Tattersall Bow Tie_Small High Cotton Black Houndstooth Bow Tie_Small

Another favorite of mine is Mo’s Bows. More than anything, I love Mo’s story (he had me at Granny’s scrap fabric). I love his vintage suitcase. And, I love supporting a young entrepreneur.

Mo's Bows

Mo Bridges via Memphis Parent

And, his bow ties are super stylish.




For a classic, All-American look, check out Collared Greens, also available in Boys’ and Mens’ sizes. (how could I not love a company named for my beloved collard greens?).


And finally, the stunning collection of feathered (yes, feathered!) bow ties from local Charlestonians, Brackish. I spotted these luxe bow ties in a window display on King Street, and they stopped me dead in my tracks.





PS: Not sure how to tie a bow tie? Here’s a Gentleman’s Guide:

How to Tie a Bow Tie

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