June recap and July goals

With all of yesterday’s fun festivities, it’s taken me a couple of days longer to recap my #StartFreshJune and to post my July goals than I’d planned. As awkward as sharing this stuff online is for me, it’s also been incredible source of motivation and feeling of accountability. So, here we go.


June Recap

#StartFreshJune. I’m so glad that I was inspired by Lara Casey to “hit the reset button”, if you will. Here’s what I was able to accomplish this past month.

1. Get up early. My main goal for this month was to get up earlier, and I nailed it! I’m rising two hours earlier on average, and I’m so proud of myself for fighting the urge to sleep in.

2. Improve my fitness. I was consistently in the gym this month, 2-3 days per week.

3. Read. I read quite a bit, but I didn’t log my books as I’d planned, and I still didn’t tackle a classic.

4. Make this house a home. We got the boys’ rooms painted, and most of the furniture and linens in place. We also put toy storage in the closet.

5. Financial. We paid off the credit card!

6. Keep (the spirit of) Christmas all year. Eric and I agreed not to do any Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gifts this year, so his Father’s Day was low key. But, I still wanted to do something to show him how much we love and appreciate him. On a whim, I gave him a new t-shirt as a surcee when he returned from a work trip. And, I surprised my own dad with his favorite meal – fried pork chops, fried potatoes, great northern beans, and cornbread – when he visited this month.

What didn’t happen? Well, we’re still not back to church. I didn’t finish the volunteer training I’d planned to complete. I struggled with my usual day planner and planning system. I put together a new binder and am looking for a new day planner, in fact. And, I’m questioning whether a true schedule would be better for us, especially for Harrison, after all. Nothing was curated – no recipes written or blogged about; no pictures printed. And, I’m still not blogging as frequently as I’d like.

Overall, #StartFreshJune was a great month. I’m excited about July!

July Goals | the Maypop

July goals

For July, these are my goals (same categories as I started the year with; just new action items).

1. Get up early. Interestingly, my usual little late sleepers have sensed me getting up earlier and have followed suit. So, even though I got up earlier this month than before, I still didn’t have the quiet time I was hoping for. For July, I want to work on getting up even earlier, on getting them to sleep a little later, and on creating a morning ritual. My plan is to use Hal Higdon’s The Miracle Morning as a guide. If you missed my post on books that will inspire you to get up earlier, check it out here.

2. I’m still hoping we can make it back to church regularly.

3. Fitness. This month, my goal is to try a spinning class.

4. Read. I am determined to tackle a classic this month. Determined. Any suggestions? I’ve attempted Pride and Prejudice and Brideshead Revisited and couldn’t get into either one. Should I pick one of them back up or try something else?

5. Make this house a home. This month, I aim to complete at least two items on my home to do list and work towards completing the boys’ room. Specifically in their room, I want to:

  • hang the curtains and cornices.
  • put up the existing artwork and wall sconces that we already have.
  • find a dresser.
  • install a ceiling fan. It’s so hot in this room that a ceiling fun is a must. I’m on the hunt for something that’s attractive, but this is proving to be a more difficult quest than I’d imagined, especially on a budget. Why can’t ceiling fans be pretty? Send any suggestions my way – think little boys’ room, somewhat traditional in style.

6. Financial. File our 2013 taxes. Don’t judge; I don’t have any excuse for why we filed an extension. April 15 just snuck up on us.

7. Plan daily. I’m a wonderful list maker. I have list after list of things I’d like to accomplish. And, for the most part, these lists serve me well. For July, I think I can be even more efficient by listing and focusing on three Most Important Tasks for the day.

8. Curate. This month I simply want to handwrite the family recipes that I’ve posted so far and print and frame two pictures.

9. Blog regularly. Again, I let a lack of perfect pictures, not a lack of ideas, keep me from blogging more regularly. So, I’m hoping to blog more frequently and take and post more bad pictures. :)

10. Keep (the spirit of) Christmas all year. I have some fun ideas for a little Christmas in July. I’m thinking Seymour, our elf, may even make a midyear appearance.

I’m off to a great start already; here are a couple of sneak peaks…

sneak peek mantel | the Maypop

Sneak peek boys room | the Maypop

What are you working on this month? I’m linking up with The Tiny Twig and look forward to checking out the other bloggers who’ve shared their goals too. Let’s keep each other motivated!


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  1. You have some pretty amazing goals this month! I hope you reach all them! I have been slacking on the reading and wouldn’t even want to tackle a classic during these summer months, but that’s awesome that you are. The last book I finished took me two months. I have a poolside read, I take out when I lay out by the pool with my hubby. Rising early is something I would like to get more in the habit of as well, it’s so hard when we eat dinner so late at night because of my husband work schedule!
    I hope you make your goals this month and great job getting your June goals done! That’s amazing!

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks, Ashley! My husband has a crazy work schedule too, so I can relate to the impact that has.

  2. I hear you with the struggle to read classics; they’re very hit and miss for me. Why not try one of the shorter ones? I don’t want to make assumptions about what you’ve read/not read because I’m new to your blog, so here are a few suggestions of what I’D consider “classic”:

    Animal Farm – George Orwell
    The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald
    Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury
    A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Betty Smith

    All the best as you work toward these goals this month!

  3. Hi, I’m stopping by from Hayley’s goals link-up. So many of your goals sound familiar to me – planning, curating, blogging regularly and especially getting up early! It’s great to see you making progress and refining the goals as you go. Reading your posts has been good motivation for me to keep going on mine.

    For a book, have you ever read Uncle Tom’s Cabin? I read it last year because I felt like I shouldn’t have made it to adulthood without doing so. It was actually a wonderful read and held my attention throughout. I have no idea how long it was since I read it on my Kindle, but I don’t think it took more than a week. Have a great July!