My Home To Do List

I’ve been following the adorable Mackenzie Horan on Instagram for awhile now. I especially love when she posts pictures of desks with her Design Darling products. I’m so smitten with everything in her boutique! Anyway, I had a rare few minutes of free time tonight, and I popped over to her blog for the first time. I think we’re kindred spirits. I mean, she loves navy and lists!

She just shared her home to-do list, and it inspired me to post mine too. Of course, I have a longer, more detailed paper version of this list in a binder, but I haven’t shared it with you. And, since so many of my projects are in progress and not yet worthy of blogging, I thought this list would be fun in the meantime.

1. Hang this chandelier in my dining room. I’ve had this thing for six months, and I’ve spent too long looking for the perfect vintage chain and hanging kit. I give up. I’m going to run to Lowe’s for now and just pick up a shiny chrome one and see if anyone can tell the difference.


2. Paint my fireplace a dark color. 

via Lonny

via Lonny

3. Make a trip to the upholsterer. I have a side chair that I want to slipcover in a navy ticking stripe (similar to the image above), and I want to add that same stripe to these McGuire Double-Caned chairs I bought on Craiglist months ago. I ended up putting these in my breakfast room instead of my dining room. The breakfast room opens up to our living room, so the ticking stripe will a nice continuum. I also picked up a new dining room table and chairs, and I need to have those chairs reupholstered too.

McGuire Double-Caned Chairs | the Maypop

4. DIY my bamboo blinds. We recently added bamboo blinds to the living room and breakfast room, and I think it would be so easy to add navy trim/ribbon for this look.

via Habitually Chic

via Habitually Chic

5. Hang a stack of vintage platters. I love this image. My problem is that most of mine are round, and I’m getting more of an elongated snowman look. So, it’s a work in progress.

via Dishfunctional Designs

via Dishfunctional Designs


Those are just a few of the projects I’m working on. What’s on your home to-do list?

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  1. I cannot wait to see the chandelier up and I’m excited for you to paint the fireplace!

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks, Krystine! I’m excited to get those two checked off the list too. And…can I please say again how excited I am about your master addition?!

  2. Love that you wrote your own list! That chandelier is stunning. Thank you so much for following along!!! xx

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks for stopping by to check out my list…and thanks again for the post inspiration!


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