Babiators Submariners Goggles

Babiators Submariners Goggles | the Maypop

Harrison did a little modeling a few weeks ago for Babiators. You know, the awesome bright-colored sunglasses that all the cool celebrity kids are wearing these days? You know, the ones that are so durable you can bend backwards and they won’t snap? Yep, I’m talking about the ones that they will replace if you lose them or break them in the first year. The glasses that are designed for kids…for kids to actually wear and not just look cute. Not that there is anything wrong with simply looking cute. But, Babiators nailed both practical and stylish.

They just released a new line of Submariners Goggles and let me tell you, they are the real deal. He loved them so much, that I wanted to be sure to share them with you. In fact, he was so busy jumping in the water at the beach and the pool that it was nearly impossible for Gray to get him to pause long enough to look at the camera.

Babiators Submariners Goggles | the Maypop

Harrison loves his gear. If you know him, then you know exactly what I mean. In case you haven’t met my oldest, let me tell you a little more. When he was around 18 months old, firefighters visited his school as part of Fire Safety week. From that day forward, he spent the better part of two years obsessed with firemen. We visited the fire station almost daily, and the more he learned about the firemen, the more he was convinced that he was a firefighter. I got him a costume, but that wasn’t enough. He wanted “real” gear, and luckily, the firefighters at that station indulged him like he was their little mascot. They gave us an old helmet and a real flash hood. And, I somehow found a tank online, boots, other essential pieces of gear, and because we couldn’t find one for kids, Mr. Maypop made him a respirator from a two liter coke bottle. When I tell you that he wore the full costume, flash hood and all, almost every single day for two years, I am not exaggerating.

Before we invested in "real" firefighter gear.

Before we invested in “real” firefighter gear.

When he was interested in golf, he wanted a set of “real” clubs. He has “real” tools. He wanted a dirt bike for his birthday, so we bought him a pedal bike that looks exactly like a dirt bike. And, he laments every time he rides it that it is NOT a real dirt bike, and that it does not have a “puffer” (exhaust). I’ve mentioned this before, but when he rides his bike, he almost always has to wear his dirt bike gear – riding pants, jersey, chest protector, shin guards, elbow pads, and full face helmet.

Luckily for our wallets, he tends to have few passions. But, he is relentless in his pursuit of these passions, so Mr. Maypop and I indulge him once we can see he is legitimately interested in something. Unfortunately, we’ve learned the hard way that kids’ gear is often, well, not designed with active children in mind. They are mere “toys” for “pretending”.

Harrison loves to swim and has been diving under water since he was just a baby. And, as he did with his other passions, he wanted the swimming gear. We have a snorkel and flippers and goggles, all manufactured by a reputable swim company, and we’ve been nothing but disappointed with the quality of these items. Goggles, in particular, have been one example of gear that is subpar. In our experience with half a dozen or so pairs of kids’ goggles, they leak and let water seep in, or they are hard to put on, or they mold quickly.

Enter the Babiators photo shoot and cue the chorus of angels. He was literally obsessed with these goggles. And, mommy loves them too. Friends, if you’re kids love to swim, then do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of these Babiators’ submariners immediately.

Babiators Submariners Goggles | the Maypop

Babiators Submariners Goggles | the Maypop





 Photos by Gray Benko

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  1. I have never heard of these and so glad you posted about them. Esau wants a pair of goggles but I’ve been holding off because I’ve never known of any that wouldn’t leak. I’ll have to go get some!!

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