A lesson on making memories, applied

After finally getting yesterday’s post on virtual paper, and after weeks of letting it marinate in my head, I wanted to follow it up with a second post about how it translated into our Easter traditions, since this it was the first holiday post-podcast.

Essentially, Chystal’s podcast helped me realize that memories are made in the consistency of everyday. But, I still know from my own childhood that there is something magical and special about holiday traditions. After listening to Chrystal, I started to think about what things I really wanted to do consistently, year after year. When we’re sitting around a table together thirty years from now, what are the things that I want my boys to remember when they think of Easter? I started with a lot of ideas, but I made myself pare the list down to a few core things. I did this ahead of Easter, and these were the things I focused on this year and that I plan to focus on in the coming years.

For us, for Easter, that means:

1. Jesus  is at the center. We didn’t go to church when I was growing up, so Easter equaled the Easter bunny, candy, and egg hunts for me. I want a deeper, truer meaning of Easter for my boys, and so my husband and I decided that church would be a priority (no matter where we spending the holiday). We agreed that Easter would be about Jesus.

2. A new swimsuit in the Easter basket. I love the idea of a new swimsuit this time of year. I filled the boys’ baskets with lots of other fun goodies – stuffed bunnies, bug nets, stickers, and candy, but I wanted to be sure there was a constant other than Peeps. So, swimsuits it was and will be (matching, of course)!

3. Deviled Eggs are on the menu every year. Confession: this is the first time I made them. We’ve had family around for the holidays in the past, so I’ve never had to make them myself. I have to say, I nailed it! I’ll be back tomorrow to share my recipe. You can bet this is one I’m putting in the recipe box!

4. Family Easter egg hunts. Growing up, the Easter Bunny always hid eggs for my brother and me to find in the house on Easter morning. Then, my parents would play with us and hide the eggs for us to find again. And, for weeks after that, my brother and I would hide eggs for each other. As we got a little older, I can remember my brother and I creating complex scavenger hunts with numbered clues. My husband and I had so much fun hiding eggs with our boys this year. I think we had more fun than they did, although they loved it too.

5. We always dye eggs. I love dyeing eggs, and this is also something from my own childhood that I have fond memories of doing together as a family. This year we kept it simple with a Paas kit, like my mom always did too.

Dyeing eggs | Easter traditions | the Maypop

The cups of dye are so pretty, aren’t they?

This is my core set of Easter traditions…and I’m sticking to it. I’m sure other lovely things, like new seersucker outfits, cotton ball crafts, and ham, will all make regular Easter appearances. But, I wanted to draw a line somewhere, and it’s funny how defining these traditions already makes them seem more concrete for us. I hope my boys have many happy memories of Easter; their minds full of Jesus, hearts full of love, and bellies full of deviled eggs.



One little guy loves to hug...the other one hates it

One little guy loves to hug…the other one hates it




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  1. Lisa Elliott says:

    You are so much better than I am when it comes to traditions but I do think memories can be made with everyday activities or simple recurrences. We always took a family vacation and ate at the table together when Eric and I were growing up. Those are things Matt and I have incorporated into our family now too.

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks, Lisa! I would say you’re better at the little things than I am…and that’s what I’m working on. Now, how can we get these kids together more often so that they have lots of memories together? :)