Keeping Christmas – how I’ve done so far

This year, like so many others, I jumped on the “one word” bandwagon with “Christmas”. One of my 2014 goals is that we will be able to keep the spirit and cheer and magic and giving of Christmas alive throughout the year.

So far, I’ve done an okay job. In January, in an effort to continue the Christmas spirit of giving, the boys and I took a bunch of our old blankets to our local SPCA. Harrison made a special sacrifice, taking a snowman blanket that he really liked for the cold dogs and cats. While we were there visiting with the puppies and kitties, the workers were actually changing beds and using the linens we’d brought. This was not intentional on the part of the workers; I’m sure our linens were just the ones on top. To be truly honest, they were so busy, I am not even sure that they noticed our donation. In fact, it was so unnoticed, that I almost thought that my boys would not see the impact of our gift, and I worried that the lesson of love would be lost. I was trying my best to explain how we were helping the shelter and the animals, but  this lesson was being lost to Harrison’s increasing sadness at parting with his snowman blanket. But, God saw our need. And, He intervened, and I’m certain that’s why the workers were using our things while we were still there. It helped me to talk much more to Harrison about blessing others when he could actually see a little puppy snuggling up in his prized snowman blanket. In the end, the puppies weren’t the only ones feeling warm and fuzzy that day.

I have always enjoyed receiving Christmas cards so much. I especially love the photo cards, and I save those year after year. It’s so fun to look back and to see how much my friends’ children have grown each year. But, I just wasn’t on top of things this year, and I didn’t get Christmas cards out for our little family. So, I decided we’d send a card with our love and hugs and kisses in February instead. I almost sent them with a red and green Christmas theme and a note about “keeping Christmas all year”, but in a house of three boys, I decided I should jump at any opportunity to use a pink pen and to sign our names with Xs and Os. I’ve received such a sweet responses to these cards that I’m thinking about making Valentine cards a new tradition at our house.



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  1. Lisa Elliott says:

    Such a great idea with the blankets and so glad Harrison got to see his snowman blanket being put to good use. Picture card is awesome too!


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