Whitt’s Winter ONEderland

Sigh. My youngest little boy, Whitt, turned one yesterday. Of course, I want my children to grow up, but it is achingly painful for me that it happens so.very.fast.

My three-year old, Harrison, explained it to his Papa like this.

Papa to Harrison: “You’re getting so big!”

Harrison, in response: “I know, and it breaks my mama’s heart. So, I’m only gonna get a little big.”

He’s right. It breaks my mommy heart to see my boys getting so big.

That said, you understand I couldn’t let this milestone creep by without a celebration. I settled on a “winter ONEderland” theme, with a deer head as the centerpiece. If Whitt had a logo, it would be a stag’s head. I’m not sure how or why we settled on this, but it’s sorta been his symbol even before he was born. And, it suits him. Whitt is a strong, hardy little boy who loves the outdoors.

I worked with Etsy seller Matilda at The Paper Wing Creation to create a custom invitation. I had such a wonderful experience working with her. She understood how special this first birthday was, and she indulged my edits to get the invitation just right. She also sent me a blank invitation that I used to create my table signs and a logo for the other smaller paper goods. Really, she was lovely to work with, and this party would not have been as cute without her help.

Custom Invitation from The Paper Wing Creation

Custom Invitation from The Paper Wing Creation

I had so much fun planning this party. I’ve been dreaming about it (and pinning ideas for it) for a year. Maybe even longer. For me, this really is the “most wonderful time of the year”, and I ran with the holiday inspiration. Lots of red and white, and rustic touches like burlap and wood. (Apologizing in advance for these pictures. It was cloudy and rainy, and the lighting was terrible.)


Yes, that is part of an actual tree on the table. My husband thought I was crazy when I made him grab it out of the woods and load it in our Ranger. It was heavy, and dirty, and he couldn’t imagine it beside birthday cupcakes. But, with a hatchet, a brush, and a little elbow grease, I got it cleaned up and on the table, dirt and bug free.




I started with a super simple meal of ham and cheese delights (my friend Chassity’s recipe), cream cheese and pepper jelly with crackers, Chex mix, and cupcakes. Comfort food from my childhood, over-processed and unhealthy, but perfectly nostalgic (and yummy).





I set up a hot cocoa bar, with a little nod to Starbucks, “Whittbucks” (get it? deer = bucks?). Mini-marshmallows, candy cane stirrers, and whipped cream and caramel finished off these sweet little cups of cheer.



And, for the kids, I set up a little Reindeer Food Magic Mixing Station with oats, deer corn, bird food, coconut flakes, and the very important magic sprinkles. The little ones had so much fun creating their own personal blends. I let them scoop the mix into clear favor bags, and I gave them instructions to sprinkle it on the lawn on Christmas Eve. They were so excited at the idea of the reindeer snacking on their mixes! Truly, this was a highlight of the night. Almost as exciting as….

WhittBday13_18 WhittBday13_17

…A VISIT FROM SANTA! How cute are all the little ones in their Christmas jammies?!




Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline

Harrison and Cooper

Harrison and Cooper

Harrison and the Birthday Boy, Whitt

Harrison and the Birthday Boy, Whitt

It’s safe to say, we made some wonderful memories yesterday. And, I think we started some new traditions, like feeding Santa’s reindeer. (If you’d like to make your own magic reindeer sprinkles, here is a free printable: MagicReindeerSprinkles. Print on a standard piece of 8.5×11 label paper. Cut and wrap labels around bottles of sugar glitter.)

Happy birthday, sweet Baby Whitt. I love you so much.




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  1. Love the blog and the party and what Harrison said about getting just a “little big”…so cute!!!